Let Us Provide You With Our Membership Information

At Clearview Bible Church, our team of dedicated leaders can provide you with personal attention and services to help you find salvation.

We Provide Services Such As

We preach the love of Jesus Christ, our love for him, and our obedience to him.

Our worship services are filled with contemporary Christian music.

Everyone is encouraged to come as they as.

We believe that discipleship is a cornerstone. It challenges men and women of faith to live by example in Christian character.

We have ministries for the church and the community to spread God’s love and grace.

What Can You Expect From Our Membership

To honor the position of Jesus Christ as savior, lord, and head of the church.

To acknowledge the authority of the scriptures over one’s life and over the direction of Clearview Bible Church.

Whenever possible, to be present for worship for hearing and responding to the word of God, and to join in the fellowship of the church. All of this is voluntary but beneficial to all who are able to participate.

To support the work of the church through tithes and offerings as God enables them to do. This decision is between each member and the Lord.